What in the world is Helo?  Helo is just the greatest self-help invention of our lifetime and this a Helo review! Who would have imagined being able to get vital signs and a EKG/ECG without ever leaving home.  

Here are just a few of the things it does:


Amazing isn't it? But that's not all! The Helo Healthband also has titanium plates with minerals and stones which can give you amazing benefits to your lifestyle. Germanium and Himalayan Salt helps improve blood circulation up to 300% and stimulates water molecules in your body. The Helo is all about HEALTH. Yours and your family!

Helo_05-1024x640This Helo review wouldn't be complete without this info.  The Helo you can not only monitor your family's health but in times of emergency, they only have to push a button for you to be notified by text. This is a must-have for the elderly parent, the child walking home from school as well anyone you care about!

There are upgrades coming to the Helo. The great part about the upcoming upgrades is that you don't have to purchase a new Helo to receive the upgrades. The scheduled upgrades are the ability to check Blood sugar, Blood alcohol, body temperature and a mosquito repellent.

And if that's not enough, there's a business opportunity connected to this company.  EXCUSE ME! There's a “FREE” business opportunity connect to this company. Yes, I said free! After you purchase the Helo, the company will give you your own personal link. When your friends purchase a Helo, while using your link, you will recieve compensation. Now they have a personalized link and as they pass their link around and it gets used, YOU will be compensated….UP TO 10 LEVELS! Who does this? Remember, the business was FREE!

AND that's not all! You can get your own personal link WITHOUT purchasing a HELO up front. Sign up, get your personalized link and pass  that link around to your network of friends and family. After your 10th purchase, WOR(L)D will send you a HELO. After you earn your HELO you will begin to get compensation on the team you have already began to build.

I'm still learning the compensation plan. What I do know is that it's a Binary system, which means I have a Left and a Right side.  I which means people willl always be added either of these sides, under each other. What I do will benefit you, what you do will benefit you and what your network of users do will benefit us both. That's what I mean when I say COOPERATION OVER CORPORATION! I honestly try to only do business with corporations who offer something in return!

This one is it! Get more information HERE!

Just think, my family and I were discussing and looking for products for our first aid kits when we happened upon an article about this new health wristband that had just reached the US.  I had never heard of such a thing but our lives will be changed forever!

This is KimSyne's View!

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