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I posted this a year ago, almost a year to the day that Author, Comedian, Civil Rights Activist, Entrepreneur and 1968 write-in candidate for President of the United States, Dick Gregory became an ancestor.

Mr. Gregory meant wisdom too me, wisdom sprinkled with some well stated jokes. The type of jokes that made you laugh while pointing out the irony of living in America while being black.

After hearing about his death, I thought about his jokes and his view of being a black man in America.  Think about this: Dick Gregory, RIL, was fighting racism in the 1960s…and he was still fighting it in 2017. This man spent 60 years fighting racism and it's still here….guess what: IT'S NOT GOING ANYWHERE!

You can't control how other's may feel about you! GET THE HELL OVER IT! MOVE ON! If they don't like you because of your race (BLACK OR WHITE), DON'T FOOL WITH THEM! MOVE ON!

Build your own, support those who support you. Simply put, stop fighting what you can't control and MOVE YOUR ASS! Be thankful for the honesty that racist people show you. That way you don't waste 60 years on a battle you can't win!

And that's KIMSYNE'S VIEW!

Dick Gregory & Ronel

Dick Gregory with Stand Up Comedian Ronel Williams, in Little Rock, Arkansas



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