I've been away too long to come back without an explanation. I've watched friends on this home based business journey become more and more successful. While I sit back and watch. I didn't miss many training webinars and I always took notes. Notes were a must if I was going to remember what was taught. I never came forward though. I never shared what I learned…at least not in public. I would often help friends with their marketing but I always stayed in the background.

And the main reason for that is that I am a seizure patient. At one time I was having seizures every week. I've gone thru multiple medications filled with side effects. When one drug would begin to get out of control the doctor would always be ready with another prescription, explaining that there were at least 15 more to choose from. It was then that he would explain that none of the meds would CURE the seizures, they would only help control them. And control them is what they did. As soon as you missed a doses, you would have a seizure. Each seizure would get worse than the one before and the recovery period kept getting longer. It almost appeared that the purpose of the drugs were to get your body hooked and to make you a life-long consumer for the pharmaceutical companies. Yes, I believe that!

All the while this was happening, my son kept talking about this oil. He swore by this oil and thought that it would make a difference for his Mom. Fast forward to this last seizure. My family found me on the stairwell nonresponsive. When I did finally wake up a few days later I couldn't remember the last 2/3 weeks, my balance was off and I'm still dragging my right leg. A friend brought some of these drops to my house. I'm telling you that within 15 minutes of the very first drop my mind began to slowly come back. If you are a seizure patient or knows someone who is then you may understand what I'm describing. Within another 45 minutes the fog had lifted more and I began researching. It's been a week now and I feel better than I have in years. I haven't had an headache, at ALL! That is PROGRESS! And to think all from something that nature provides.

After seeing what Hemp oil did for me and discovering the growth expected in this industry over the next few years I saw nothing but opportunity and good health.

If you are interested in trying out our hemp-derived CBD products, or earning extra income in your spare time from home with our simple and powerful business opportunity, I would love to get to know you and help you achieve your goals.

Learn more about that Hemp Oil here.  After all, isn't it time to take our health into our own hands. I love technology but it seems like the medical industry hasn't used technology to extend life. Don't get me wrong, there are some GREAT things about technology. Especially the newer technology that allows you to become more proactive about your health. Wearable technology is a growing industry as well. It's stated to become a $2 Billion dollar industry in just a few years but many people still don't see the bigger picture. When my vital signs are off, my Helo LX sends an SOS text message to my husband that tells him to check on me! Yes, you heard that right! And if you are a patient with certain illnesses or you have a parent with some ailments this could mean peace of mind for you!

Check out the HELO LX here!

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Thanks for visiting our website.  We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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Remember, your health is your wealth!

I've been battling with mine for a while now and I'm winning thanks to the monitoring from my HELO LX!   and the few drops of HEMP OIL daily! For a limited time you can sign up for the HEMP OIL FREE! And you should. That's just how sure they are of their product!


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