There's a new law in Missouri that makes it a Felony for ELEMENTARY students to fight!

Let that sink in!

Your eight year old could get into a fight at school and then spend up to 4 years in prison! 8 YEARS OLD!

HAVE THESE PEOPLE LOST THEIR MINDS? No. They are showing their true colors. But the parent that continue to send their children to these schools have lost their minds!

It appears that fresh FREE labor is needed in this country to harvest this new cash crop! Marijuana is becoming the new cotton and for-profit prisons will make billions.

This is simply another form of slavery. Public school has been a way to ensure that the master's children would always have imput in the slave's households. The new law screams that it's time to take control of your child's education. Remove your child from the system before they get caught up in the system.

That's Kimsyne's View! What's yours?

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