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I've signed up with home based companies with great products. Many I still use. I didn't have any luck promoting these products because even though I loved the products, I couldn't see how the entire community would benefit from their use and I didn't want to represent a product or service just to make money. In other words, I didn't promote those products because it was never just about money for me. I needed something that was going to make a difference in my community and the biggest way to make a difference is through education!

Education should never stop.

“Education should never stop.”

In a community that keeps less than ten cents on every dollar that comes into their community, owning a business should be a priority.  Everything you have to purchase OUTSIDE of your community should be viewed as an OPPORTUNITY to offer it to your community!

The home-based business industry is idea for our community. It allows you to start with minimum start-up fees and it offers unlimited potential. Potential that YOU CONTROL!

If you know anything about the home business industry, you know that the training is awesome…but it's geared toward that particular company and it's products.  Their training brands them, their company! But you are the CEO of your company, brand you. After all, people don't join businesses, they join people. And when they get to know you, you will become that person. But your company will never tell you that!

That's why I've decided to promote education. So many businesses to choose from and start but very little education to teach you how to succeed at your new business.

I've discovered two companies that I stand by and deem necessary. Learning doesn't stop with a diploma.

Our community needs education more than anything else. We start businesses all the time but we don't know how to market these businesses…and if we happen to make some money, many of us don't know how to invest that money where it will work for us. The number one thing most people lack is education. Yeah, yeah, I know. You finished school, you have degrees and the student loans to prove it. But your family and friends are your only customers and you are still struggling to pay student loans…which by the way, are more than you make in a year!

So what is my point? My point is to show you that you are the leader you've been waiting for…whether it's your health or wealth, it all starts with us, in our homes!  And the number one thing needed, is education.

And that's KimSyne's View!






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